My name is Emma and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland. I love all things creative and can normally be found crocheting with a cuppa. I live with my husband Andy and our super cute pup, Harlie. We got married in September 2014 after 4.5 years of dating and started life in our new home. Although I hate saying it, our journey of marriage can be broken down into two parts; pre-accident and post-accident. The first two years were crazy fun and we had a lot of freedom to be spontaneous in our lifestyle. Whereas the last two years have been very different and extremely difficult to navigate.

On 30th September 2016, Andy was involved in a serious road traffic collision and suffered extensive brain and spinal injuries. In addition to this, he suffered a rupture of a major blood vessel coming from the heart, that caused him to lose a lot of blood. As we waited in A&E, we were told that injuries like his rarely make it to the hospital or past the scene of the accident. We are extremely thankful to God for placing specific people at the scene, from the dentist who was first on scene, the people nearby who were instantly bringing our Andy before the Lord in prayer, his friend who was able to contact me and to the two paramedics who lived beside the scene and ultimately saved his life. We later found out that bringing their kit bags home with them is not a regular thing, but for some reason they did that day. We firmly believe that Andy was that exact reason.

Once they stabilised him, we were told that due to the extent of Andy’s spinal injuries, he would be paralysed from the chest down. More than this, that his head CT showed damage so extensive, they did not expect him to ever wake up.

On Friday 30th September, our lives were turned upside down but God was in control. I write a little about this, and how we now navigate through life on this blog. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy.

Emma x