Will you be our watchmen?

We are struggling to pray, we just can’t do it! The thing is though, we really need to. It feels like we need to pray like we did in that ICU waiting room but the set up isn’t exactly the same. Back then the sense of God’s presence was so powerful on my life and I felt like he was giving me things before I even asked for them. It was an incredible thing to walk with Him in that way and I really did learn so much. Life is very different now. It’s not on hold anymore and we are going through all the stages involved after a spinal and head injury (which is a lot). 

I have mentioned a number of times on my Instagram that life had been a little tough this summer but we have never felt that we were able to share why, it felt too personal (and it still does). I know that there have been a few prayer requests sent out more recently but up until now that has felt like all we could share. But we are desperate. I literally sit here, typing at my kitchen table, feeling DESPERATE for somebody to help us. I went to type this two weeks ago but that was the night Andy was taken into hospital with high levels of infection. That’s a whole other story but he was in for seven days to fight a couple of infections that were pretty nasty. 


When Andy was in Musgrave it was drilled into us about the importance of being careful with his skin and regularly checking that everything is ok. Part of this was making sure trousers didn’t have zips or buttons on the back pockets as Andy wouldn’t feel if they were doing him any damage. We very much accepted this information and went about getting rid of the bad clothes and buying some new comfy stuff that would be kind to his skin. He didn’t have any issues and the fact that his bed and chair weren’t the highest kind of pressure relieving cushions was never an issue. It actually filled me with a little confidence that his skin was good and that made life much easier for sure. 

At the start of the summer Andy realised that maybe his shorts didn’t quite fit him as well as they did the summer before. We were putting it down to the fact that they may had shrunk in the wash but it’s funny how all of our stuff would have shrunk eh? So Andy got two new pairs of shorts, long enough that they didn’t look like short shorts when sitting down and nice and light for the warm weather. Perfect. 

“Oh they have zips Andy, I’ll have to take them off before you wear them”. I said it, it was me! I had every intention of doing it but then, didn’t we completely forget and after all day Sunday and Monday wearing them, I noticed Andy had a cut where the zip was. I freaked out, like properly started to panic and told Andy how bad this was, how life was about to get really hard and that we were total idiots for letting this happen! The nurse came out the next day, looked at the wound and said that because it wasn’t pressure damage it would heal up in about a week and that we really didn’t have anything to worry about. I felt better but I didn’t really believe her, I couldn’t imagine how it would improve that quickly as Andy had small cuts on his legs before that took forever, but then again I’d never dealt with anything like this. It has now been 17 weeks and things continue to get worse. It is not a case of slow healing, but fast decline and I can honestly say that it is ripping me apart. If you haven’t already guessed, I feel solely responsible for the fact that this even happened in the first place, but getting past that, I feel so utterly helpless, yet completely responsible for the solving of the problem. 


A district nurse has been coming out at least 3 times a week since, which in itself is a massive inconvenience to life. You wait around for hours some mornings only to find out they aren’t coming that particular day. Now we totally understand the set up of this and that it isn’t possible to come see Andy at the exact same time everyday and that those who can, try their best to do so. So it isn’t a dig at them, but no matter how good it can be, it is still a life limiting situation. My mornings need to be spent getting things done and I’m generally not very good at that anyway, but because of a lot of communication and consistency problems over the summer, I feel it is essential for me to be here when the nurse arrives and then suddenly I’m realising that I only have one hour before work. This set up has been so difficult for us, life has not felt normal and we are so limited to the things that we can do. 

Andy hasn’t been able to go swimming for months as this appeared around the same time he was cleared to swim after fracturing his ankle in March. Swimming is SO good for him and its something he really enjoys so the inability to attend that is really frustrating. We also wanted to get away somewhere for a few nights over summer but due to the wound, we chose to head to the roe park for two nights instead which turned out to be a disaster also! Honestly I could go on but the point is that life is feeling so limited for us both and the whole situation is really affecting both of us in huge ways. 


The reason I am sharing all of this with you is because we need you to pray. We are exhausted, worn out and honestly I feel like I have given up all hope that this will ever heal. It sounds dramatic but so much has been happening and all my energy is gone, yet I am still responsible for making everything better. So my method of doing that it to ask you to pray when I can’t find the words to do that myself. We are doing everything we are told. Andy is on the highest level of pressure relieving cushions and mattresses and he spends most of his days in bed (which is awful). Everybody seems to have differing opinions on what will work for the wound and so far nothing is working and I have been doing a lot of shouting to get anyone to make decisions. So this is what we need you to pray for:

  • The correct dressings to be used
  • The decline to stop
  • The wound to heal
  • Communication and consistency from the medical teams
  • Patience for Andy to spend as much time in bed as necessary
  • Stress levels to reduce 
  • Fear of the future to be gone in the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus.

“O Jerusalem, I have posted watchmen on your walls;

they will pray day and night, continually.

Take no rest, all you who pray to the Lord.

Give the Lord no rest until he completes his work,

until he makes Jerusalem the pride of the earth.” Isaiah 67:6-7 

Emma 🌸


  1. Prayed for you both.
    You are not to blame Emma.
    You love Andy and cherish him.
    Praying the skin wounds heal quickly and for Andy to be able to get back to swimming.

  2. I have taken a photo of your specific prayer requests so that I can more easily pray for you both. It must be such a difficult time for you both and your email has prompted me to pray more fervently. God bless you both and may you feel His strength and love. X

  3. Have prayed for you both & trusting that you would both sense that the Lord has been in your midst tonight as many pray over you. Praying for healing over Andy and for chains of guilt to be lifted off you Emma. You are amazing keep going!! x

  4. Sometimes we need others to stand in the gap to believe in faith and pray on our behalf’s. I promise I am taking this on board and will pray for each point believing for a speedy and complete healing for Andy. God bless you both. Xx

  5. I have prayed for Andy and yourself, that the days ahead be better in every way for you both and that you feel God’s presence.

  6. Praying for full healing for wound and peace perfect peace for you both. May the Lord bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you.

  7. You will be in my prayers every night Xx Faith will conquer all and Andy will heal. Please know it is not your fault Emma Xx God is always looking after you even through the really bad times xx

  8. I have prayed for you both almost everyday since I first started to follow your story and I will continue… it is just so hard and you are doing a fab job …. I think as females we put a lot of “extra” pressure on ourselves that no one else sees .keep going … keep loving each other more and more everyday.

  9. I have never met you but know quite a few people who know you. I’ve followed you since Andy’s accident and I love your honesty continuously. I have a long term debilitating illness and I’m at the stay where I done healing will happen and it makes me not feel alone or as isolated to know I’m not the only Christian who feels that way, that it’s actually normal to feel this way at times but I feel like you still continuously praise God and through every post you can feel the presence of God. You can sense how much you and Andy love God no matter what. Thank you for always being honest. I am praying so much for you both and have been since the day I followed.

  10. 💔💔💔 praying for you both and Andy’s wound. I’m a nurse. I know how frustrating wounds are and when nobody agrees and thinks their ideas will work best. I know how poor communication is in the nhs. It makes me really sad to see the effects of this on real people.
    Praying for full healing for Andy and your stress levels to reduce. You are not to blame. Andy couldn’t have asked for a better wife.xxx

  11. Emma & Andrew thank you for being so honest … not many would have that courage! Praying as God sees your hearts that He will minister to you both, physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually! Sending lots of prayers & hugs 🙏💝💙😘😘

  12. I will pray earnestly for you Emma and Andy. May this wound heal up like never before. Your in my thoughts.

  13. Continuing to pray for you both! ‘Our God is greater’. ‘His power is made perfect in our weakness’.

  14. Emma and Andy May you both gain strength and peace from knowing others are taking over the baton for now of prayer. Rest up and be assured of supernatural prayers for you both. May you see healing may you be rested both physically and spiritually. You both are inspiring and are very much loved 😍😘

  15. Praying that you will see God move in a mighty way as He heals this wound in Jesus’ name ❤️❤️

  16. Praying for you and Andy… you might not feel like it, but you are doing an amazing job and you both are incredibly strong. You CAN do this, with God’s help and other people’s support. Thank you for sharing your continuing story 💗

  17. We will be praying, only recently Adam and I have been talking about this too- why is it that at the time that you really need to pray, you can’t? It’s so frustrating. We’ve been there in our faith journey too, exhausted and worn out with no words and it’s an incredible thing to have others lift you and carry you in prayer at that time. There were times all I could muster was Jesus’ name. But God knows our hearts and struggles and has so much mercy for us. You guys are great ❤️❤️❤️

  18. Emma praying for total healing in Jesus name and for peace and joy in both Andy and yours. Can I ask permission to post this request on our HOTS ( healing in the streets ) app that we have for our team ?
    You guys are amazing for what you both have been through and you need to know that x

  19. Oh Emma, I wish you had shared sooner. Had a feeling something was up. Will be praying specifically for healing for you both and a real sense of God’s power and presence.

  20. We are part of the Body of Christ. We are brothers and sisters because we have the same Father, Emma and Andy.
    Thanks for asking us to pray for you. Thanks for your prayers for us.
    Jim and Eleanor X O

  21. My word Andy & Emma what you have been through together since your accident Andy… many, many challenges & now to add to it this wound that hasn’t yet healed. I prayed to the Lord that He perfectly would heal this wound. While you wait on the Lord for His healing may you learn to trust Him even more deeply than you already have xox

  22. After reading your post I’m deeply touched by your devotion to your husband and I will be lifting you both up in prayer believing in complete healing of the wound in Jesus Name. When any two agree on any one thing touching Heaven it shall be done in Jesus Name 🙏💐💕

  23. It is hard to see clearly when we are in the midst of physical, mental and emotional pressure and stress, at times we want to run away, scream and feel bad regarding how we feel. I pray that the Holy Spirit will draw near to you both, that He will flood and overshadow you with His Love and peace. God in his Word tell us that he is our healer so in Jesus name I ask that He will heal all the wounds physical, emotional and spiritual. That you will be able to breathe. Lately I have found listening to Crowder – Come as you are, very helpful.

  24. I’m praying for strength for you both and that the presence of almighty God will be very real to you

  25. Praying for you both Emma. I wish I could truly understand what you and Andy are going through, so I knew exactly what to say or do to help, but I cannot even begin to comprehend. Your openness, honesty and faith is inspirational. Thank you.

  26. We have continued to pray for you both during this long journey you have been on and although you are both worn out the Lord is still with you. He alone can strengthen and help you and as I was reading Spurgeon’s daily readings I thought of you both. Even a cry or a tear he will treasure so I’m listing part of it for you. We will be praying for you as well at our little meeting in the Prayer House tonight.

    Prayers are instantly noticed in heaven. Here is comfort for the distressed soul. When one bends his knee, but can only sign and shed tears, yet that groan has made all the harps in heaven thrill with music. The tear has been caught by God and treasured in Heaven. He putteth your tears in a bottle. Prayer is the falling of a tear. Keep crying unto him.n

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