It has been five weeks since Andy’s accident and as a family we wanted to shed a bit of light on his condition. We have been sending out prayer updates but chose not to go into major detail about his condition. This was due to the fear of information being received the wrong way, the personal nature of our situation and also because the process of updating has been exhausting after hours spent at the hospital. However, we are aware and thankful for the number of people that love and are praying for Andy. There is a page above named ‘The Accident’, if you read this, it will give you information about the first night and how bleak the situation was. To be here five weeks later is a miracle in itself and we have so much to be thankful for.

Before I discuss Andy’s progress, I would like to highlight a particular conversation we had on Day Two. We were told that as they reduce the sedation, it would not be a case of whether Andy is able to move his arms or open his eyes, but that their main concern was if he could breathe on his own. This reiterated to us as a family, the extent of damage to his brain.

On 6th October (Day Six), Andy’s sedation was reduced for the first time and his right eye opened for the first time. It was amazing to see his eye open, but it did not move and we were told again and again that this may not mean anything, that the part of his brain that makes Andy, Andy may not work. We were given worst case scenario on a daily basis with a lack of hope from all consultants and doctors. However, we were clinging to the promises of God and the expectation of a miracle, something we are still clinging to.

Andy had a brain CT scan on Day Ten which showed further swelling to his brain. We were informed on that evening, that if he did not show significant improvement by his next scan in two days, they would have to have very different conversations with us (which we understood to mean, switching off his life support).

Many of you prayed with us, that God would intervene in a massive way and give Andy more time. God massively answered our prayers as consultants changed their minds on Andrew’s care and gave him a number of days to fully rest before they took him back off sedation. As many of you know, his high temperatures also held back the reduction of sedation which was a blessing, as Andy was able to rest further. All in God’s timing.
On Day Twenty-two Andy opened his eyes when we spoke to him. Although they were not moving, we felt that he was aware of our presence and prayed that he could see and hear us. The next day, his right leg moved ever so slightly in response to a pressure point on the sole of his foot. This happened the day before the spinal surgery which was so important for us as a family, as it gave us such hope for the surgery and faith in God, that He was in control of Andy’s body.

Since the surgery Andy has been showing small signs of progress every day. They began weaning him off the ventilator two days after the surgery and he has blown us all away with how well he has done! From Day Twenty-nine, Andy has been breathing without the assistance of the ventilator as he is so strong and our God is so good!

His eyes are now tracking, moving towards whoever he sees or hears. His left arm (which was broken) is now healed, out of the cast and moving to grab his neck brace and oxygen mask. On Day Thirty, Andy was able to recognise my hand on his chest and move his hand up to meet mine. After telling the nurse about how I was aware that he probably didn’t know that it was my hand, Andy lifted his fingers to interlock with mine. My husband was listening to me and was proving me wrong!

On Monday, Andy was being looked after by a nurse that had not been on his service since Day Two. The same nurse that sat with us as they explained how he may never be able to breathe, never mind open his eyes or move his arms. She was amazed! After years in the ICU ward, she confidently told us of how she does not see stories like this on a frequent basis and that she was ‘amazed’ by Andy’s progress. We give all praise to our Lord for everything He has done in the life of Andy and so many others around him.

Now that our life in ICU is over, we embark on a whole new journey. Andy has gotten to the point where he has survived the accident, now we continue to pray that he will come back to us, the same man that left work that Friday evening. He is still not responding to commands which is something so major in his recovery but we are trusting in God’s timing for this and praying that we will see this soon. Another post will be uploaded to discuss what the next few weeks and months have in store.

We will continue to send out prayer requests as normal but hope this page can give you further insight into Andrew’s condition, allowing you to pray for specific areas of his care. I ask you now to pray for God to knit his brain back together, heal his body to enable him to walk and that Andy will continue to show signs of progression over the next few months. God is not finished with Andrew yet and we are not done praying for a mighty miracle to continue.

Emma 🌸